Проект 4: The City’s Wildlife Bridge

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The City’s Wildlife Bridge
Big cities all over the world suffer by serious green space lack. This generates climate problems and inconveniences for the people.
The construction of city wildlife bridges in the cities can decide part of the problems. Building them as bridges or tunnels does not affect the engineering infrastructures, transport and pedestrian structures.
The knowledge for the roof and vertical landscaping allows the creation of green oases above the city.
Our project offers construction of wildlife bridge, which connects both sides  of the Sofia’s South park here in Bulgaria. The location is carefully selected because in this way it creates long pedestrian trace from Sofia’s center to one of the most emblematic parks in the city.
The bridge itself is designed with two crossings. The first level is richly  landscaped and accessible for mothers with little children, old and disabled people. The second level is with bigger slope and it has ramps in both endings, also accessible via stairs between both alleys. From the second level are unveiled beautiful sights to the nearby territories. Also, there are foresaw direct connections for both bridges. The  stairs are projected on different places to the arcs. The arcs have aesthetic and constructive function.
The green bridge is equipped with path, grass spaces, tree-shrub vegetation, places for sitting, pergolas for partial shading and safety railings.
This wildlife bridge ensures connection and allows crossing above Perlovska river. The greenery will hold parts from the pollution above Arsenalski boulevard.
The whole construction creates aesthetically pleasing ambience


Аделина Първанова и Десислава Грозданова