Проект 76: Павилион Варна

Десислава Парлапанска, ВСУ“Любен Каравелов“, София

за проекта

One of the symbols of Varna is the Sea Garden. It is extremely important the whole range to be viewed as one, and not to be torn to pieces. The connection of the city with the sea is an inseparable whole, as like in the past the sea with sailors. A major landmark and a guide were the stars and constellations in the sky. Therefore, the project concept was created based on the constellation, to be a landmark of the iconic buildings in the Sea Garden. It was created to connect different cultural points as summer theater, aquarium, observatory and others. The shape of the module is simple. It was used as the embossing and perforation of the material, the shape remains clear and unique. This enables the volume to be modeled in different variations. The pavilions are made to be different to each other, some are flesh and are designed so as to be used for commercial purposes, while others remain hollow serving as a place for recreation (enabling by installing solar panels to charge mobile devices), an information gates to the garden and the sea.



Десислава Парлапанска